Advisory Consulting

3Consulting is a helpful partner for companies planning to enter the most attractive markets in Africa. We offer a wide range of business support services at every stage of business development and help to succeed in emerging markets

We are looking for the best opportunities and help take advantage of the most interesting business opportunities. We analyze the potential risks and benefits, initiate optimal partnership for your market entry strategies in Africa.

  • Creativity and Openness: At 3Consulting, people meet not only with high technical expertise and diverse professional experience, but also, last but not least, full of enthusiasm for work and for life. We believe that such a mixture can successfully realize the most demanding projects, promotes the creation of innovative solutions and mutual motivation is to constantly raise the bar.

  • Experience and Competence: In addition to experienced managers and consultants in our advisory council of experts working with us who have spent many years on the African continent and have a very extensive contacts with local research centers, government representatives, NGOs and business.

  • Courage and Balance: are always ready to support a completely new ventures and projects. Achieving the best results requires courage to face difficult situations. Any challenge to consider the long term, because we believe that this approach to people, communities, markets and projects generate the largest profits both for us and for our customers.

  • Perfection and Precision: are actively supporting his advice also those areas that are normally already beyond the limit of our responsibilities, but they can really affect the results and significantly reduce or improve the results ( .: financial fluctuation, brand perception, etc.). We think that's a good question to help take care of the seemingly insignificant details and the so-called. area "somewhere in between" - often underestimated and marginalized on the borders of competence divisions, departments, or individual people. That strip of no man's land is often tip the scales that potential success can turn into failure.

Areas of Support

  • Perfection and Precision: tracking trends and anticipating market changes are creating new opportunities and we create business opportunities. We help in defining appropriate strategies using our knowledge of international markets. Working with representatives of governments, organizations of business, companies and using international contacts we are able to earlier and more accurately identify our customers market areas with the greatest development potential. Listening carefully to the needs of all stakeholders support the development of your company by creating the optimal business models and precisely adjusting the offer of benefits to mutual expectations.

  • Partnerships and Investments: help to find the right local partners or candidates for shareholders. We prepare expert opinions, market reports and sector, competition analysis, legal opinions, mediate in arranging the necessary formalities, administrative permits, etc. We make it easy to carry out investments ensuring proper PR and the support of local communities and authorities.

  • Incubation and Development: assist in the recruitment and training of human resources, management, operational and strategic. We are looking for markets, customers. We actively support in building brand awareness and product. We support the negotiation process, represent at conferences and fairs.