Introduction To Application Development

Application development is the process of creating a computer program or a set of programs to perform the different tasks that a business requires, applications help businesses automate processes and Increase efficiency. These applications are built by special people with strong skills and computer programming background and they are called Application/software developers, as you might imagine, the reason it's called application development instead of just computer programming is because there are many more steps involved before and after the actual writing of the computer program. All of those steps are very typical and are collectively called a systems development lifecycle.

Systems Development Lifecycle (SDLC)

The steps included in a systems lifecycle for developing a computer application are:

  • Planning: Identifying a need, consideration of solution options, and possibly considering the features of competing applications.
  • Analysis: Documenting the functional requirements for the app and anticipating potential problems that may be encountered.
  • Design: Defining how the app will work and what features and components it will have.
  • Construction: This is where the actual programming occurs using the requirements and design as a guideline.
  • Testing: Try out the app looking for errors and confirming that documented requirements are met.
  • Implementation: Making the app available for people to use.
  • Support: Monitor user experience. Sometimes recommendations for revisions arise. If those recommendations are pursued, they will go through the lifecycle also.

Need for Application development

A business is all about reciprocation and it is a must to nail down the best way to encourage more customers/clients. If you want to increase the interaction of your customers/clients with the business to promote sales and increase your activities, you should provide a level of value to the customers so that they would not want to go anywhere else. You can build application(s) with loyalty program to make more customers interact with your business and products. With Application development, Companies can identify what they need to do and move forward in the development process with relative ease and simplicity.

How we do it

At 3consulting we design, develop and deploy business solutions and applications with top notch Professionalism we have the best hands and make sure every app-building process is followed accurately. Our Application developers are the best, they are dedicated and highly recommendable. They follow the strict rules guiding application development which are:

  • Gathering requirements
  • Designing prototypes
  • Testing
  • Implementation
  • Integration
We provide both web and mobile Applications to suit business needs.

Benefits of Our Services

  • We help you give more values to your customers/clients.
  • We help you reduce your cost and increase your customer engagement through the development of Mobile application.
  • We help you increase the visibility of your brand.
  • We help you simplify your business processes.
  • We help you get a competitive advantage and higher market share by expanding your customer base through smooth operations and performance of our application.

With our application development service, we allow companies connect more efficiently and economically with Customers/clients, Partners and suppliers. As a result, the ability to do business at a greater efficiency allows growth and profits.