Business Consulting


Even the best plan of action requires regular monitoring and verification. Therefore, businesses need a new, flexible approach to strategy.

We help companies identify areas of strategic risks and new sources of competitive advantage. We question certainties and jointly create innovative action plans, as well as working on their implementation. We help clients create and maintain competitive advantage.

  • Determined to: support clients in the proper definition of short- and long-term management by objectives and determining the optimal indicators for their implementation - not only accurate but also as simple as possible.

  • Pointing course: A good strategy is not text carved in the rock for ever, it is rather a continuous indication of the course, the concept of his continual adjustments to the company not only have adapted to the changes imposed by the market, but also affected the market affecting its competitors, as well as customers and their preferences .

  • Business models: The success of failure differ often only a small part of the business model because we work together with our customers helping them creatively kwestionowć their current business model and create alternative models, so they can stay ahead of market trends and they were not prepared.

  • Implementation strategy: Implementation of the strategy is often a big challenge, because the theory collides with reality, and managers must know not only how to ensure the effective implementation of the strategic objectives, but also how to ensure the high level of motivation and commitment of all stakeholders, and how to communicate in the organization of the planned changes and the progress of the whole process.


The company is a complex system of interrelated resources, competencies and objectives, which can not operate effectively, despite the fact that seemingly do not see any problems.

In analyzing the company helping our customers determine if their company resources are optimally used, procedures do not hinder the process rather than optimize it, structure corresponds to the objectives pursued, the company creates an organizational culture that develops goodwill and if communicating and conducting change does not bring losses larger than expected benefits?
  • Outsourcing: Outsourcing of HR functions not only means cost savings and a much more efficient use of resources but mainly creates long-term benefits by raising the knowledge and skills of line managers directly responsible for the development of their teams. Outsourcing HR strategic means for the company not only better use of resources and reduce costs but also to increase managerial accountability, better communication, and taking care of the consistent implementation of changes and improvements desired by management.

  • Shift management: To effectively carry out the process of changing the company must devote as much attention to the so-called. Hard dimensions of change management, as well as soft. In addition to motivation, vision changes and proper communication is essential continuous, absolute concentration on the most important fields of transformation which are the duration of the project, selection of team members and their powers, the level of commitment from senior managers and regular employees and the extra effort required of employees, which directly affected by the change.

  • Communication: Manager who can adequately convey your command, has a much more respect among the staff, and has the opportunity to more effectively pursue their goals. Ability to communicate effectively and to listen to others is an essential tool to influence even during conversations with clients. We help our clients to better organize internal communication, effectively lead meetings and better resolve conflicts in managing teams.

  • Project management: We support our customers both already in the planning stages, initiation and execution and closing of projects ensuring that the project does not go beyond a certain time with the customer, budget, scope and quality. We provide the right tools to control project, and we take care that the products of the project correspond with both the objectives of the project and with the strategic objectives of the company. We also help eliminate errors in the management of the point of contact between the management company and the project.


The success of companies are increasingly not so much the knowledge and skills of the employed people as they represent the attitudes, values ​​and beliefs.

So we help companies not only in developing the skills of their employees through counseling and training, but strongly emphasize the element of shaping attitudes expected by the company: commitment, responsibility, loyalty and perseverance.
  • Leadership and Commitment: As Peter Drucker once said: "Only three things happen spontaneously in organizations: friction, confusion and inefficiency. Everything else requires leadership" . If your organization wants to have engaged employees must start by developing leadership skills among its executives would not only squander the potential commitment they make new employees but also to maintain the high level of the others. Developing emotional intelligence executives consider to be one of the most effective ways to leadership creates goodwill

  • Coaching and Mentoring: We use coaching and mentoring to help customers build a learning organization and effective implementation of the objectives of the organization. This increases the quality and scope of knowledge transfer within the organization as well as it is possible to respond more quickly to changes. Both coaching and mentoring to help build a culture of mutual trust and support and strengthen communication within the organization.

  • Evaluation and Development: Well-planned and carried out periodic assessment is an effective instrument of policy incentive, which allows for optimal utilization of capacity and skills at the disposal of the organization.