Code review is a process by which software developer's source code is examined to discover bugs, scrutinize coding conventions, and look for potential bottlenecks and resource leakage. The intent of a code review is to catch bugs/issues/defects before the offending code is deployed to a production environment and to transfer knowledge of implementation details to the rest of the team.

Code review process usually involves any or combination of the following phases:

  • Pre-Project Phase (Best Practice Review): Here, efficient ways of completing various project tasks are identified.
  • Debugging Phase: Logical errors during development are detected.
  • Vulnerability Exposure: Here, checks are performed for most common vulnerabilities like: slow responsiveness, multithreading issues, data record retrieval issues, etc.
  • Malware Discovery: a special kind of Code Review exercise used to detect suspicious pieces of code or any malware integrated into the software.
  • Result: This shows the identified code defects and recommendations for overall software quality improvement.




For programmers or software developers, quality must be a top priority. Unfortunately, tight deadlines can make it difficult to achieve the desired level of code efficiency and clean programming. And the last thing a company wants is for bugs to be discovered by the users of its app or software solution after its release.

In a world where users can choose from thousands of software products for one particular purpose, products with bugs, slow responsiveness or frequent crashes will be neglected by the users in no time. Again, the more Software as a Service (SaaS) distribution, the easier it is for users to abandon poorly performing software applications. A consistently good and fulfilling user experience is therefore a must, and failure to provide that is a certain death sentence. Hence, accurate Code Review exercise should take place before an organisation's codebase is moved into production.




Code Review culture, as administered by 3Consulting Limited, focuses specifically on how to increase code quality, promote best practices, and remove "code defects". This we achieve by looking deeply into the quality of a code block at a time, its effects on other parts of the project, and its adherence with company coding guidelines. Red flags are raised at the spot of a problem and appropriate resolution is suggested.

Listed below are the best practices our company follow while conducting Code Review:

  • Review Checklists: We ensure our reviewers work by the same comprehensive checklist to ensure consistency between reviews. In addition to this, time constraints and mandatory breaks are enforced on our reviewers to prevent inaccurate reports due to fatigue.
  • Positive Security Culture: We refrain from playing blame games with developers.
  • Review in chunks: This is especially true for huge applications.
  • A mix of human review and tool use: We use our teams' expertise to review more complicated code and valuable areas of the application and rely on automated tools to cover the rest.




At 3Consulting Limited, the approach to Code Review exercise is gentle and professional on organizations as well as their software developers. Delegating review of software code to us is the best way to improve code and guarantee an always smooth-as-silk operation of software. Every minute and kobo spent on Review process handled by our experienced Software Engineers is paid back tenfold in terms of clients' happiness and dramatic reduction in resources needed for tech support.




  • Earlier Bug Detection
  • Coding Standards Compliance
  • Knowledge Sharing
  • Consistent Design and Implementation
  • Higher Level of Software Security
  • Team Cohesion
  • Stakeholders' Confidence

Code Review Culture is of so much importance that, it is has been discovered to be a tiny line that separate successful and failed software products. Learn more here...



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