We serve a broad spectrum of consumer-product manufacturers on strategic, organizational, and operational topics. Food, beverage, personal care, paper products, durable goods, and household products companies rely on our expertise.

Consumer products companies face a range of challenges that they must successfully navigate in today's global economy. Specifically, organizations must answer a number of key questions in order to thrive in the current quickly changing environment:
-How do we address commodity-cost pressures and risks?
-How do we adjust to serve consumers rapidly changing tastes and adapt to shortening product life cycles?
-What are the best ways to meet the demands of increasingly far-flung customers?
-How can we plot a course through a consolidating retail landscape?
- What strategies can we use to achieve growth in both developing and developed markets?

We partner with consumer products companies to address their most important strategic, operational, and organizational issues.  Our focus on delivering lasting competitive advantage has helped our clients succeed in an increasingly challenging marketplace. 

The solutions we proffer to this industry are :

  • E-ballot
  • IFS (Sales and Distribution, Enterprise Mobility).
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Intellitrack (DMS)
  • ERP (IFS)
  • EAM
  • SFA (Sales Force Automation).

Corporate Strategy

We set overall strategic direction and identify opportunities for growth through new-business building, alliances, mergers, and acquisitions.

Customer Management

We develop strategic responses to the changing retail environment and work with our clients to improve internal sales-related processes, team configuration, and capabilities to manage channels and customers profitably.


We determine the most appropriate strategies to effectively manage brand portfolios and individual brands, as well as optimize the effectiveness of marketing spend. We work with our clients to build world-class marketing capabilities.


We develop a distinctive operations strategy, optimize the overall supply chain, and ensure world-class performance within individual functional areas such as production or purchasing.


We optimize organizational structure, processes, and performance management to make significant improvements to overall company and functional performance.

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