Our History

3Consulting is a Technology business process consulting firm that draws on several years of business and consulting experience across several industries to offer an unparalleled unique service to clients. We mobilize our clients forward by enabling high class operational performance and helping realize their business visions.Working within their existing processes we are able to address business challenges.

Our approach is strategic and practical resulting in provision of high levels of support,clear outcomes,and implementable solutions.We draw on deep vertical expertise,our strategic operations acumen,and an ability to put our recommendations into practice with our client,transferring critical knowlege as we move along.

  • Provide an unbiased assessment of the current IT function to identify capability improvements and potential cost reductions.
  • Analyse available information and leverage 3Consulting experience to recommend IT capability improvement and cost reduction hypotheses.
  • Consolidate valid hypotheses into opportunities and actionable initiatives
  • Characterize and prioritize key initiatives
  • Develop a prioritized time-phased capability improvement roadmap.

At 3Consulting our focus for organisations seeking a transformation via Information Technology (IT) includes and ecompasses four key areas:

  • An assessment of IT in the organisation
  • Identification of gaps and improvement opportunities
  • Roadmap of the initiatives and effort required to position Information Technology to effectively support the business of the organisation