Oil and Gas

We serve incumbents and new entrants in this rapidly expanding and liberalized sector. We help clients with issues related to organization, operations, and strategy. Our capabilities include organizational restructuring, building capabilities, and top-team management as well as capital investment, cost reductions, performance improvement, networks, and logistics. We also provide strategic direction on mission, sales, economics, and procurement.

Generation and Wholesale Trading

Market knowledge, flexibility, and risk management are all essential to success in today's competitive generation and wholesale trading markets. We advise clients on upstream strategies and expand their understanding of generation and trading markets through modeling and analysis.

Retail Energy Services

Under liberalization, retailing of electric power, natural gas, and energy products has attracted many new competitors to both brick-and-mortar and dotcom sectors. We help clients address increasing competition through new products and services, as well as develop and execute marketing strategies and core customer processes.

National Oil Company (NOC) Performance

With their focus on maximizing a country's resources rather than on creating shareholder value, NOCs typically face significant barriers in achieving high performance levels. What can they do to improve performance?

Retail Marketing

We offer a detailed diagnostic to quantify improvement potential, along with targeted improvements that focus on identifying key value drivers and concrete improvement targets and objectives. Other examples include store operations, frontline performance, category management, fuel pricing, channel management, format renewal, launching new formats, and brand repositioning. When working with clients, we use diagnostic tools, guides based on the latest industry intelligence, and client case studies.

The solutions we proffer to this industry are:

  • IFS Energy & Utilities
  • Enterprise Fraud Management (EFM)

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