Business Process Consulting

Harnessing the power of data - we create actionable intelligence and personalized experiences. We help companies’ areas of strategic risks and new areas of competitive advantage.

Business Process Mining

Process mining is a key technology which helps in analyzing and monitoring both normal and spaghetti like processes, which results in an idealized picture of a process.

Process mining uses existing data available in corporate information systems and automatically displays the real process.

Process mining delivers a Fact-based analysis of information, thereby turning data and information into insights. This is the source of its competitive advantage. It enables organizations to drive innovation, connect loose ends and know which initiatives are favorable over others within a shorter timeframe. Having data and analytics at their core, insight-driven organizations are prepared to take the best decisions in an efficient manner. It enables them to manage core business operations in the most cost-effective way.

Today, Process Mining has been adopted both as an analysis and monitoring tool in multiple sectors, and as a practical what-if tool in assessments for defining roadmaps of automation through Robotic Process. Get a demo

Rapid Application Development

We provide an excellent rapid application development solution which features the fastest way to build sophisticated automation and workflows that lower the cost of ownership and deliver the highest overall customer satisfaction in the industry.

Business Analysis and Documentation

3consulting limited offers professional services to create excellent business analysis and documentation solutions which describes the business requirements of a product/process and the intended end result that is expected from the product/process. Our documentation methods are one of the most widely accepted project requirement documentation methods and our documents are equipped to be referred to throughout the development life-cycle for any project

Business Process Automation

We possess excellent process automation solutions and services.
Let us help you automate your manual processes.