Business Support Solutions

Harnessing the power of data - we create actionable intelligence and personalized experiences.

Human Resource Management Solution

Flexible, agile and fully configurable — our human resource management solution is responsive to your changing needs. The platform is built from the ground up to be an all-in-one software solution for the modern workplace. Pay only for what you need, when you need it.

Content Management Solution

With our content management solution, organizations are able to integrate their content with their business applications and ERP systems for improved productivity and cost cutting. Capture content as it enters your organization, store and manage this content in a secure repository, extract data from your documents to feed business applications thus automating that process and get a 360-degree view of all the information you need to succeed.

E-Ordering Solution

Empower your organization with the technology it needs to be competitive in the national and global market with our electronic ordering solution with which large organizations can allow their customers order for good with the use of a mobile application and USSD codes.