As you reassess and redefine your IT strategy to ensure that your infrastructure and IT investments yield business benefits that support your strategic goals, 3Consulting rigorous, disciplined approach will help tightly couple your IT and business strategy to deliver operational excellence, significant cost savings, and achieve optimal performance.

Companies in all sectors are moving to consolidate, migrate or transform their technical and operational infrastructures to improve performance and workplace productivity and lower data center, IT network and operational costs. 3Consulting rich heritage of more than twenty years of operational and technical expertise coupled with our deep industry knowledge can help you address these complex challenges.

3Consulting recognizes that transforming your technology offers the prospect of significant cost savings and impressive productivity improvements. Thus, "hard" cost savings, "soft" benefits, and increased performance are important elements of the business value equation that ultimately influences the decision to move ahead with a single technnology migration project or a more aggressive transformation.

Our team of world class business and technology experts, revenue assurance, networking and cost management specialists and our proprietary toolsets and methodologies, combined with our proven, programmatic approach can help you become more agile, more quickly.

Our Approach

There is no single approach to the complex process of transforming an enterprise technical infrastructure and companies are seeking practical guidance in planning a cost-effective and "graceful" migration to new operational and technical models. Our approach integrates our legacy of operational experience with industry-leading best practices and proprietary methodologies to ensure a disciplined and measured approach to technology transformation.

With our in-depth knowledge of business and operational processes, software development, network topologies and operations, our technical teams provide the IT support that will help you meet your complex technical challenges and strategic business goals.

3Consulting Technology services and solutions include:

IT Project Management Consulting Planning Monitoring Solution Value Added Services
Implementation IT Infrastructure Supply Chain Management Solution Procurement Services
Corporate Training Treasury Management Solution  
Support Enterprise and Resource Planning (ERP) solution  
  E-Ballot Solution  
  Inventory Solution  
  Software Development  
  Website Development  
  Enterprise Mobility  
  Automated Data Capture (ADC)