Business Technology

We help telecom clients execute value-creating IT strategies and deploy technology to optimize operations and efficiency.


We help telecom operators and other telecom service providers to transform their consumer businesses in both mobile and fixed line sectors.

Corporate Finance

We help our clients make and execute informed, bold decisions in structuring their companies and portfolios to produce competitive advantage and lasting value.


We serve large telecommunication companies, drawing on proprietary tools and insights to help clients develop advanced processes, products, and services.

Marketing & Sales

We help telecom operators transform themselves into market oriented , high-performing companies.


We help telecom clients improve and simplify their end-to-end operations while reducing costs and increasing customer satisfaction.


We help telecom companies design effective organization models and build the capabilities, talent management processes, and culture that create and sustain value.


We help telecom companies and business units on critical strategic issues, ranging from which markets to target to which capabilities will yield a sustainable competitive advantage. The solutions proffered to this industry are::

  • REWSS(Real-Time Error Warning Surveillance System)
  • E-Ballot
  • Intellitrack (DMS)
  • ERP (IFS)
  • EAM

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