At 3Consulting we believe that putting together suitable client-oriented software takes into account the combination of technical, functional excellence and clear communication. Hence we put in place the very best of breed in terms of knowledge, skills and expertise to ensure our clients are fully satisfied. We are aware every client is unique hence we strive to deliver an individual, innovative and affordable value proposition and to follow it through with best standard practises and an outstanding delivery approach which is both on time and within budget.

We employ a phased approach, allowing us to first evaluate and document the exact software requirements of the project in abstract, and then follow through with subsequent phases of implementation, testing and Support methodology.

Our five (5) phase approach are as listed below

  • Preliminary Analysis
  • Market Research And Requirements For The Proposed Solution
  • Plan And Design
  • Implementation, Testing And Documentation
  • Deployment And Maintenance

Together, they form 3Consulting’s approach to Application Development and Implementation Methodology.


At 3Consulting our range of solutions include those developed in-house and those by our partners. For a list of our partner solutions click here


With the ever-increasing competition, excellent customer service is vital to maintaining and growing market share and bottom-line profitability. Customers expect simple, efficient, and consistent responses to their problems, and service requests, across all channels and products more than ever.
Our SRM solution is a comprehensive and easy to use enterprise solution that intelligently captures, prioritizes, routes, automates and ultimately resolves the client requests that can’t be completed at the point of contact. The solution provides transparency and Business Intelligence services throughout the lifecycle of the request. The solution reduces work volumes by eliminating duplicate requests, reduces cycle times from days to hours, and significantly improves the customer experience, resulting in deeper loyalty and higher client profitability.


Our EMRF solution is a Web-based application for employees and customers that rides on, and integrates with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) of organisations to manage activities and constraints.
This solution allows for business users to eliminate errors associated with manual processes,reduce Material requisition turnaround time and ensures that actions are put in place to eliminate delays in Project execution. Our solution has customizable reporting for supervisors and management.Its easy to use graphic user interface is straightforward and comes with a warm look and feel.


Our mobile cheque solution is a mobile application that allows for the electronic deposit of cheques without been physically present in a banking hall. Based on deep industry needs this solution has been built with not only the customer in mind but also financial institutions.Our solution removes the complexities associated with cheque deposit transactions from users and also from banks.Its easy to use,secure and turnaround time (submit and receive confirmation) makes it the best solution for an enhanced client-customer experience.


We provide custom software development to support targeted business pains & challenges faced by companies worldwide. We combine the right balance of pre-integration and customization to meet enterprise goals and to speed up time to market.

In addition to our technical expertise, our structured development methodologies and project management expertise enable us to deliver on-time and on-budget for projects of any size. In many cases, third-party software may be the smartest and most cost-efficient solution for you.

Our automated Asset Disposal Solution developed to ensure fair and accurate disposal of assets by organizations in-line with their policies.

One of our locally developed software is E-ballot: The Electronic Balloting Application (EBA) is an automated solution for asset disposal. It will aid in the disposal of decommissioned assets and implementing an objective disposal approach for all assets that have been earmarked for such activities.


In today's Banking environment the process of achieving the various activities of customer service is still done manually taking a longer period to get account activated thereby leading to misinformation of customer's details. Business mobility and self-service are evolving and the need for financial institutions to automate the approach of managing their processes and first line of activities for various account holders, as well as understanding the needs of account holders is becoming paramount.
Our Customer Information Management Solution is the complete solution for simultaneous customer activation, capture of customer data/signature (Biometric) and Know Your Customer (KYC) documents including photographs. The solution allows reduction in account opening time, eliminates data losses while data entry and archiving costs are saved to about 80%.


Our solutions empower mobile workforce by increasing efficiency and improving productivity -essential elements for business growth, profitability and competitiveness. This includes the use of software, Hardware, including GIS that allows us to view, understand question, interpret, & visualize data in many ways that reveal relationships, patterns, and trends.

  • Handheld mobile Devices
  • Data Capture (Barcode and RFID) solutions
  • Mobile and Wireless Handhelds - (rugged; regular; non-incentive)
  • Vehicle Mounts and Fixed Stations Automated Speech Recognition RFID Devices and Barcode
  • Scanners Wireless Access Points Barcode Label Printers
  • Point Of Sales Devices (Terminals and Handheld mobile) - These terminals have been deployed across multiple industries and applications including retail Point-of-Sale, health care, hospitality, kiosks and more. This successful growth is based on understanding and meeting our customer requirements so they can build successful businesses.


Food ordering is becoming one of the very few ways available to increase sales for restaurants.Proactive restaurant owners are becoming aware of the value and advantages of offering a fully interactive online experience to their customers by giving them a simplified order placement process. Our web based food ordering solution provides operators multiple ways to receive online orders.The solution is built with the normal person in mind. It is so simple to use, allows for orders to be placed on-the-go irrespective of location and offers immediate order delivery/confirmation thereby ensuring both enhanced order accuracy and accelerated order fulfillment.


We manage, tag and track asset with precision with the use of mobile devices, bar code scanners and other asset tracking devices to enable our clients have a total control on their asset and also able to make accurate business decisions on asset budget and management.


Information Awareness System (IAS)is an application that has been developed to take businesses off the traditional method of posting banners and showing product presentations onscreen to customers, staff and other target individuals. IAS brings your business closer to its target audience by engaging them in various ways such as allowing them choose the information they want to see and let them follow up on their interests by providing their contact information.
With IAS businesses get incomparable return on investments in information dissemination,its easier to track customer interests and it helps drive engagement with target audience at the business floor or anywhere it is deployed.


Stemming from the current revolution in the Nigerian power sector, 3Consulting has positioned itself alongside its partners to provide end-to-end solutions tailored to cater to the various arms (Generation, Transmission and Distribution) of the power sector and also drive efficiency and innovation. Our team of professionals are well vast in technology driven solution which would support, develop and augment Power delivery infrastructure.